285 Club


Hello Brother!

We’re so glad you’ve taken an interest in joining the 285 Club!

What exactly is the 285 Club?

It is essentially a fundraising arm of the Alumni Corporation Board for your undergraduate and alumni brothers of the Theta Chi chapter of Delta Sigma Phi at UGA. The 285 Club is primarily comprised of alumni brothers just like you! These brothers have decided to make the generous step to donate to our great chapter where so many great memories are made and bonds of lasting brotherhood formed.

What’s the ask (dues)?

Annual dues to join the club are $100. You may also make individual donations earmarked for specific purposes such as academic scholarships, remodeling of house, chairs, etc.

Dues not only guarantee you a sense of pride in giving back to our great fraternity, but they also guarantee you invites to various alumni dinners and chapter events, as well as updates from the chapter and ACB on how your donations are being used to build our brotherhood.

I’m interested, but would like some more information first.

We’d love to hear from you! For fundraising questions please contact:
Caleb Williams (cmwilliams87@gmail.com)

For ACB questions please contact:
Steven Moulds (steven.moulds@gmail.com)

I’m in! What’s next?

Great! We’re so happy you have decided to join this dedicated group of brothers!

Please follow the link below to make your donation. We’ll reach out to you shortly after with confirmation of receipt and membership. Should you have any other questions please reach out to Brother Williams or Brother Moulds.

Caleb Williams (cmwilliams87@gmail.com)

Steven Moulds (steven.moulds@gmail.com)

Thank you so much for taking an interest in your fraternity and we hope you decide to donate to our wonderful organization!

“That the world may ever be convinced of the sincerity of our purpose”  ~ Preamble Delta Sigma Phi


Theta Chi ACB